Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is the core of ASHTEC business philosophy. We are committed to providing value-enhancive solutions and services addressing all the client requisites without compromising on deadlines.

 Employee Satisfaction

Equal Opportunity’ is the policy ASHTEC abides by. We promote an ambience that ensures creative, intellectual, professional and personal growth of an individual and is conducive to maintaining a work-life balance. Through our repertoire of diverse projects, we provide our professionals myriad opportunities to experience cutting-edge technology hands-on, elevating them to the forefront of advancement.

Commitment to Investors/Financiers

ASHTEC’s relationship with its investors goes beyond the just ‘investing money’ aspect. We understand the significance of your trust in us and the immense responsibility that accompanies it. We are committed to our responsibilities and ensure credibility through transparency in operations, adherence to business methodologies that do not deflect from your ideals, and forging trust-based relationships with clients.

Regard for Vendors/Suppliers

solid supplier/vendor relationships play a significant role in our
continual progress. We understand the value our suppliers/vendors have
created and continue to, through their products and services. We believe
that supplier diversity propels an organization’s growth, and look
forward to developing diverse supplier/vendor relationships.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is integral to ASHTEC’s corporate structure. We understand that we are a part of the society and are committed to the cause of creating a better world through support to the afflicted and through corporate measures contributive to environmental protection. ASHTEC Pvt.Ltd. was established to support this cause of a better world through involvement in social uplift activities. ASHTEC Pvt.Ltd. has contributed to building better lives for Tsunami victims through its substantial relief fund.
       ASHTEC conducts a unique campaign to promote child education. The Campaign is aimed at children in India with poor financial background, who are compelled to forgo education and work as laborers to support their families. ASHTEC Pvt.Ltd. sponsors 500+ children in four villages in India every month through its Child Education campaign assisting them receive their deserved education. The campaign implements money-for-attendance scheme, which pays money to children who attend schools. This scheme is designed not only to encourage parents to send their children to schools but also supplement their income. ASHTEC aims to provide education to as many children as possible through its Campaign and empower them to transform their lives.