Our Strategy

ASHTEC delivers value-enhancive solutions in IT, professional Web Design & Development, Internet Marketing, E-business solutions and Back Office Support. We operate a business model that focuses on creating quality deliverables, continuously anticipates client challenges and evolves accordingly to provide cutting-edge solutions, thus enabling sustainability. Our quality standards and transparent business operating model inspire trust in our clients.

How We Deliver

ASHTEC can help you with a range of solutions, from initial business idea to concept realization, to continuous support and product improvement.

Business Idea

ASHTEC can provide you with crucial business intelligence needed to identify new, emerging opportunities in the market, or provide you with crucial domain-specific information needed to materialize your business idea. We gain insight into your business objectives and help you discover realistic solutions that enable you to realize your vision.

Market Research

We perform primary and secondary market research to determine the potentiality of the market, explore existing and latent customer requirements, capital funding for the venture, determine required expertise and technology, analyze competition, and develop actionable information.

Business Analysis & Planning

We help you analyze the requirements of the business and prepare a blue-print of solutions to meet the requirements. We help you craft strategic business goals based on the industry trends, technology advancements, and global market scenarios.

Architecture & Design

The structural properties of the system, from elemental to the apex, are defined. All elements that build up the system - the components of the system, inter-relationships of the components, the behavior of the system and its evolution over time - are defined. Design Plans to materialize the system as defined are charted. The Design Plan focuses on how to make things work in order to develop the system according to its defined architecture. Designers develop the prototype of the system with its proposed components (as defined in the architecture) to provide a clear view to the client regarding the product and enable incorporation of any required changes in the early development stage itself.